Recreational Paddling - Safety

Keauhou Canoe Club has established Safety as its highest priority for all of its programs.  Safety means protecting our paddlers, our canoes, and others around us. The following is a minimum safety checklist for Keauhou paddlers:

  • Prepare to swim - either be able to swim 30 minutes or wear a life vest.
  • Know the conditions - evaluate the water and weather conditions before you go paddling.
  • Consider your skill - evaluate your skill and the skills of others in your boat before you launch.  Only qualified steerspersons can take out the OC-6 canoes.  The boat crew should know their roles in the event of a huli (capsize).
  • Consider your condition - Are you well rested and well hydrated?  Do you have adequate sun protection?
  • Consider your equipment - evaluate the condition of your canoe, including rigging, and make sure that you have adequate safety gear, including a boarding rope, two bailers, and safety equipment pack.
  • Consider your route - OC-6 canoes traveling north out of Keauhou Bay must be west of a line extending from Red Hill to the Point south of the Sheraton before turning north, in order to avoid the surf break outside He`eia Bay.  See Safety Map.
  • Float Plan - Make sure someone on shore knows where you are going and when you will return and who to call for help.
For more information see Safety Guidelines