Our Community

About Keauhou - Our Community

A vital part of our Mission Statement is to "educate our youth, our membership, and the community at large about Hawaiian culture, values, and traditions." Hawaiian cultural practices may be included in club activities only if they are done in alignment with Hawaiian cultural protocols lead by a huna, loea, kumu or kahu ("practitioner") with reverence and respect given to the why, how, and to whom the practice was passed down.

Teaching, nurturing, and promoting youth programs are one of the cornerstones as the keiki of today are tomorrow’s leaders.  We provide two (2) youth scholarships annually to west side high school paddlers with focus on academic achievement, commitment to community and perpetuating the sport of paddling.

We work closely with area resident to support the aims of the Keauhou Bay Stakeholders and the Legacy for Public Lands, commercial vendors, Daughters of Hawaiʻi and community activists with focus on conservation, protection, and maintenance. 

Throughout the course of the year our members participate in various beach cleanups throughout West Hawaii and hold regularly scheduled events focused on keeping historic Keauhou Bay, beach and grounds area clean while promoting growth of native Hawaiian foliage in the area.

Expanding to the community at large, our membership provides multiple levels of volunteer support for local, national and international events across the Island of Hawaiʻi. Throughout the year our members are actively engaged in fund raising efforts and active participants with diverse organizations whose focus is education, empowerment, service and support of the needs of the community. 

Our sense of giving back is part of our mission and vision to encourage Laulima, or many hands tied to the idea of cooperation and the power of people working together.