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West Hawaiʻi Today - Partners in Paddles Article

For those of you who subscribe to WHT, on the front page of today's (11/25) edition is "Partners in Paddles" written by Fern Gavelek highlighting the partnership between WHEA (West Hawai'i Explorations Academy) and KCC (Keauhou Canoe Club).

As head of KCC's Public Relations, in this article Fern focuses on West Hawai'i Exploration Academy's initiative to challenge the school's eighth-grade students to learn and grow in ways they never could while sitting in a classroom.

KCC's engagement in a supporting role ties directly into the first key element of Keauhou Canoe Club's Mission Statement: to educate our youth, our membership, and the community at large about Hawaiian culture, values, and traditions".

With Fern's vast network of media contacts around the Island of Hawai'i, in addition West Hawai'i Today's mainstream publication, Big Island Now, Big Island Video News, and Big Island Gazette picked up the article expanding to island-wide coverage and social media platforms.

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