Memorials at Sea

About Keauhou - Memorials at Sea

As a kōkua, Keauhou Canoe Club facilitates scattering of ashes for family memorials outside of Keauhou Bay.  We began by supporting our own members and word has filtered by word of mouth to include other families.  We do not advertise but do see outreach to the community as a way to extend our aloha and nonprofit, educational purpose.  Consistent with our club’s mission, we approach memorials  as a celebration of life.  Please contact a member of the canoe club board to schedule a memorial.

We usually have two double hulls with seats for 8 visitors in each hull, which depending on the circumstances will take care of up to 16 of your family members and visitors.  It is often hard to predict how many will want to paddle out to sea.  KCC can accommodate up to 40 guests on the water, provided they are sufficiently experienced to paddle single-hulled outriggers and we have crews to accompany them.  We try to schedule memorials at 9 am on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Assuming a 9 am paddle, it helps if all participants get there by about 8:00 to sign liability waivers, get fitted for paddles and life jackets, and be briefed on safety and what to expect in the memorial.  Water conditions are generally calmer in the morning.

The club provides canoes, paddles, experienced steersmen, a caller, lead paddlers and flower baskets.  Family members are asked to bring flowers to fill the baskets provided by the club.  We ask that flowers be stripped from leis when they are put in the water and strings kept out of the water.  Families must be physically able to help with the paddling, launching, and returning the canoes to shore.  Additional club members may assist with paddling if necessary. Extended family  and friends can watch the memorial on the Outrigger Hotel webcam if they cannot be included in the paddle.  Time on the water is dependent on conditions.

With 10 days’ notice the KCC Beach Coordinator can assist with the family’s plans.  If the family wants  access to our hālau area for a gathering, additional equipment such as tents, tables, chairs, or BBQ facilities could be provided.  We do not have electric power.  We do not charge a fee for this community kōkua as we are not a commercial business.  We appreciate donations to the various programs in our club such as youth scholarships, racing teams, Ohana Keauhou, or canoe maintenance.  Our canoe club is a 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Service Code, and we can write a tax donation letter after the memorial. 

Contact us by e-mail from the Keauhou Canoe Club website if we can help with other questions.

With Aloha, 
Keauhou Canoe Club